Timeline of Early Humans

By ETC Montessori

  • Release Date : 2016-02-22
  • Genre : Life Science
  • FIle Size : 82.98 MB


Timeline of Early Humans This interactive timeline is based on our popular printed edition titled “Timeline of Early Humans”. Having gone an extensive update process to include the latest information and findings, it depicts the development of man from early Ardipithecus to modern day Homo sapiens sapiens. The timeline has been updated to show our common ancestry with Neanderthalensis, while depicting climatic, continental changes and the influence of tool technology. This timeline has also been updated to show Homo naledi following the official announcement in September of 2015. , timeline of early humans, timeline of early humans montessori, timeline of early humans migration, timeline of ancient humans, timeline of early human civilization, timeline of early human history, timeline of early human settlement, illustrated timeline of early humans